J. Everitt & Associates, Inc. is a management and organization development consulting service. The firm is dedicated to helping organizations achieve their missions more effectively and more efficiently. To accomplish its core objectives in the most cost-efficient manner possible, J. Everitt & Associates, Inc. operates under a virtual management umbrella philosophy. 

This unique consulting service takes a comprehensive approach which blends:

  • technical assistance in such areas as marketing, business development, management, planning and evaluation, 

  • a process approach to organization development and 

  • broad experience in government and commercial programs related to small business dynamics.



   J. Everitt & Associates, Inc. has developed an approach to consulting which has several unique characteristics: Technical Assistance and Organizational Development, A Business Process & Process Consulting Style, A Planning Orientation, A Systems Approach and an Interactive Emphasis.

   J. Everitt & Associates, Inc. was founded by "Jeff" Everitt whose extensive training and experience working with new, emerging businesses, left him with strong convictions about organizations performing work in support of growing new businesses.

Postal Address: 
  J. Everitt & Associates, Inc.
  17003 E. Harvard Avenue
  Aurora, CO 80013-1509


  In 1997, J. Everitt & Associates, Inc. established its Information Systems Services Division with responsibility for design, development, and application of new technologies to improve marketing and business development for all individuals and companies. Team Reach On-Line (T-R-O-L) was the first of a planned series of applications to be made available within the marketplace.    Team Reach On-Line (T-R-O-L) is a 24-Hour fully interactive database service designed for use by Companies, Job-Seekers and Consultants. Access to the database is through a front-end application developed by J. Everitt & Associates, Inc.

  Watch for the reopening of the T-R-O-L website.

  303.745.3049 or 303.940.8289

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